There is no Art Gallery building in our town.
But our beautiful beach is our Art Gallery.

If you change your sight direction, you can get more widely and plenty of ideas. Please image 3miles of beach lines to build up “Art Gallery” with no roofs and no walls, you can see the new creative stuff.

A gathering by each sensibility changes the world.

If the beach is an art gallery, then…

The beautiful pines are works of art.
The whales you can see offshore are works of art.
The bloom of shallots on the sandy beach are works of art.
The sea turtles that come to lay their eggs are works of art.
The children running barefoot on the beach are works of art.
Driftwood washed ashore is a work of art.
The patterns designed by the waves and wind are works of art.
The footprints that little birds leave in the sand are works of art.

There works of art are on display 24 hours a day. 365 days a year and the exhibits change with the passing of time.
The background music is the sound of the waves. the night lights provided by the light of the moon.

Starting to think on the beach,
and then we can consider the whole world.

We live naturally, think wisely and execute practically.
Then we create the important things for the earth and take over to the next generation.
We, Sunabi Museum, present these things to the world.

We thank to meet people with various sensibility and sights, for raising up our motivation to create new art works by those elements. Because there are so plenty of varieties about the theme for art works.

We believe it is important
to love the place you live in.

What are we proud of?
Let’s think about it some more.

“Sunabi Museum” is the basic key word.
We believe Sunabi Museum polishes your insight
in your daily life to create more worthy one.


T-shirt Art Exhibition

“Photographic and Picture Exhibitions should only take place indoors”. We paid no attention to such conventional thought, and held the first outdoor art exhibition of this kind in the world. T-shirts formed our canvas. Each year we drive sticks into the ground, attch ropes to them, and hang up T-shirts as though hanging laundry to dry. As waves lap the shore, the T-shirts are reflected on the beach, and when the wind blows, the T-shirts are reflected on the baeach, when the wind blows, the T-shirts begin to dance. Even rain does not cause a problem. We string up many T-shirts and create our own piece of “Modern Art”. The Seside Gallery was born from this first concept.

If you want to entry to T-shirt Art Exhibition, please email us!!

Qiult Exhibition in sea breeze

It’s time to patchworks have turned into art works from necessities. We also need a new way of seeing the art quilt. We exhibited the quilts among the Matsubara Pine near our beach. The quilts take on a cheerful attitude as they are swing gently in the breeze, bathed in sunlight and accompanied by the sounds of the ocean.

Washed Ashore Exhibition

Often, items washed up on the beach are regarded only as rubbish. Yet we see them as works of art – our “Washed Ashore Exhibition”. You can learn so much by beachcombing, keeping your eyes peeled like a cormorant, a hawk – or an artist from the Seaside Gallery.


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